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    Post by westernrider2991 on November 21st 2009, 23:14

    I believe that bigfoot is out there. I was watching this thing on animal planet, and there are so many things out there that pretty much proves that there is an unknown north american ape out there. There are so many other animals that we haven't found yet, so why couldn't bigfoot be one of them?
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    Re: Bigfoot

    Post by LOCHNESSMONSTERISREAL999 on February 24th 2010, 17:37

    No, Just Nessie. Laughing

    1. There must be a family to live so long. Therefore, It would be hard to hide, while Nessie(s) can easily hide in the gigantic lake and possible caves.
    2. The First footage was a hoax. A man confessed. Same for Nessie. Of course, one fake doesn't discredit all of them.
    3. With sightings from very country people, How come they didn't ever have a gun and catch/kill it? whereas Champ(not Nessie) is protected by law.
    4.Several creatures live in hiding very easily.

    So, It is really a matter of opinion, as there is evidence for and against it. There is also evidence for Dragons and Even Dinosaurs! False Link.

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