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    zoo tycoon 2 animals



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    zoo tycoon 2 animals

    Post by rweetodarshi on September 19th 2010, 06:35

    zootycoon 2 senario's are quite diffucult but if you are cleaver then the most hard becomes easy The following steps will ensure that-
    a-creating a small water for the animals to drink it

    b-herbivores can graze so they wont need much food

    c-by creating cliffs arround and only creating fence at the front gives privacy,guests can fairly see them and saves a huge amount of cash

    d-when reached 2 stars reserching and buying the compost building and large restroom will help

    e-when reached 3 stars reserching and buing a resturant and recycling all the food and drink stands really help and attract huge guests

    f-keeping thomsons grazzle,lion,tiger and bear help increasing the stars cause guests really get attracted to these few animals

    g-last but not the least reserching and buying the gift shop help the cash to increase and keep all the price rather low than medium this way guests get happy and buy more and by the way keep donation boxes cause they are the main source of income Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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