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    Good and bad animals to keep

    People Who Just Plain Rule!
    People Who Just Plain Rule!

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    Good and bad animals to keep

    Post by Nanotyranus on December 30th 2010, 07:34

    Hi, Nano here! I noticed that some animals argue, and some don't, and some upset guests, so I decided to put in a list of animals that are, in my opinion, good or bad for your zoo in ZT2 (especially extinct animals).

    Velociraptor: They play-fight, work together, and they're awesome.
    Plus they're fluffy and cute. THey're lab animals, too.
    Dodo: As long as you have a compost heap. They take little mantainence, and they're cute. You can create them at the lab, as well.
    Most 1/2-star lab animals: They get along well, and they're good. There's an exception, though.
    Penguins: They rule, and they look after eggs.
    T.rex: They rule, they get along well, and various other stuff.

    Protarcheopteryx: Long name, long list of bad stuff. They fight, they act aggressive to everything, they don't go to land when their flight time over deep water is nearly up. They're good for looks, but that's it.
    Velociraptor: Yes, it's good, but when there's enough animals (of any species) they will sometimes kill their own young.
    Nile monitor: They kill their own species, too.
    (Possibly) Meerkat: I've heard that they burrow under fences to escape.

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