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    Reasons to install a solar power system at home.



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    Reasons to install a solar power system at home.

    Post by GwenPatrick on March 28th 2011, 01:45

    It's important to know how a solar energy system works before looking into installing a panel of your own. The sun is an ideal source of renewable energy. It's always there in abundance with no damaging emissions polluting the atmosphere as a result of using it. A solar panels victoria system works by harnessing light rays. The heat transfer system uses the collected heat to heat water which is collected by a cylinder that stores the hot water (keeping it hot for up to 24 hours) for later use.
    One misconception that most people have is that you need continuous sunlight for a solar panel to work. Actually solar panels will convert any form of light that hits it and will still be effective even on cloudy or dull days. In general solar panels are connected to a home's water supply and the energy is used to heat water, but it's also possible to use for other purposes, such as heating a swimming pool. According to studies, a solar panel can provide almost all of your hot water during the summer months and about 50% the rest of the year round.
    Installing a solar panels victoria system at your home can be an efficient alternative to traditional electricity.á Home solar panels have been dropping in price over the last few years, as demand has soared a great deal.á As they've become much more common, residential solar panels are now much more affordable to everyone. The money it costs to have solar panels for houses installed may be a bit high, but you'll go far beyond that in energy savings over the years.

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