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    Dragonflame. Empty Dragonflame.

    Post by dragonflame on July 25th 2011, 23:13

    Hi there, nice to meet you. I'm dragonflame - or rather, my fursona is. XD

    Sooo . . . I wanted to add some info here, 'bout me. Here you go:

    • I am between 10 and 18.
    • I am a brunette.
    • Green eyed!
    • Super tall.
    • I love, love, love dogs and wolves. Oh, and horses too.
    • I love Harry Potter!!!!
    • I am a bookworm.
    • Sirius Black rules!
    • Anakin is my favorite character EVER from ANYWHERE. I often make comments or remarks about him.
    • Harry Potter is awesome.
    • Okay, listen here, weirdo, how much JUNK do you NEED?!
    • Ugh, I hate cats.
    • But I wuv cheetahs!
    • Okay, this is getting boring. -.-
    • Green is my absolute favorite color!
    • Grass tastes bad; don't try it.
    • Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans are fun to eat.
    • Yummy, Chocolate Frogs!
    • Err, okay, it's OVER now.
    • Cut. It. Out. Stop asking.

    Okay, I gave up at the end. Anyway, hello, again. XD

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