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    Please delete my account Empty Please delete my account

    Post by ArtBleed on October 20th 2013, 12:24

    While every board is entitled to its own rules, it's pretty low to force people to communicate just to access your downloads. Thats why I came here, Im not going to lie. Im looking for something specific, a google search lead me to this forum and I thought I could actually get the item I was looking for and get back to playing my game. Instead I am being forced to talk to a bunch of people I do not know in order to become special enough to you all to be allowed to see your downloads. What ever it is you have, im sure i can find something similar elsewhere, where i will not be forced to be active just to see them. So please delete this account. And just a suggestion, in your terms of service it should be Really big in red lettering, "JOINING DOES NOT MEAN YOU GET TO DOWNLOAD OUR STUFF. YOU HAVE TO BE SPECIAL TO US."

    Good day.

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