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    Post by potterwolf on October 25th 2008, 11:15

    THis is my story called QuestPack. It is posted on another website and I am at Chapter 7. Here is the intro.

    The intro.

    Nothing matches the fierceness of the Northern Forests.The struggle of life to survive and the stive to bring forth new life. The roaring of the wind can overpower any other sounds and yet be so still that the soft grunts of elk, the gentle calls of the moose, the clash of antler on antler, the yelp of a frightened coyote, or even the bone-chilling howl of a wolf pack can easily be heard.
    From atop the Hill the entire span of the South End of forest is visible in all its terrible majesty. It can be cruel, but also is a home for many. Trees range around and creep toward the middle of the South End, but thin into a clearing where a creek winds around from the top of the hill, around the base, and through the forest until it finally meets up with the Great Northern River. Beautiful flowers dominate one bank of the creek while the other is smooth rock flowing into grass. The moose and elk cross the shallow creek with ease and so reside on both sides. The wolves change position frequently, but the QuestPack's current cave lies on the East side of the South End. It is here that our tale begins. In the shadowy depths of the Northern forest...

    Tell me if you like it and I'll post the other chapters one by one too! Very Happy

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    Re: QuestPack

    Post by dogfancy0 on October 25th 2008, 11:17

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!
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    Re: QuestPack

    Post by FelineenileF on November 6th 2008, 06:40

    ooooh nicey
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    Re: QuestPack

    Post by krakenslayer on April 4th 2009, 07:35

    Sounds like part of an epic...keep it cmmin'! Cool

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    Re: QuestPack

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