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    Me in a book



    Me in a book

    Post by Guest on November 4th 2008, 00:21

    Well I decided to put up the biography I did that got me in a book. This is the same version that got entered. I found quite a few errors when reading it afteri sent it in.

    A Biography of Winnette Neilsen
    By Justin Ridnour

    This exquisite person is 79 years old and is named Winnette Nielson. She was born in 1927 on December 16th in South Dakota. She grew up on a farm and raised sheep and did some crop farming. It was an irrigated farm so it was hard to work with. She went to a one-room schoolhouse that only had twelve kids. Her parents were farmers and she had dinner at 6:00 p.m. She had two brothers and two sisters. The sisters were way older than she was when she was born so she didn’t have a good chance to live with them. They only had 1 family car and her dad had horses. She was an easy child and was never spanked. She did everything her parents told her to do.

    She was in high school when WWII began. She was only 14 when it started. The high school was 20 miles away so her and her cousin got an apartment to stay in. The apartment was in the Sturges. Pearl Harbor then happened and when they listened to the radio the heard what happened and then the president’s voice came on and he said, “I declare war.” After that she said, “So many loves were lost.” During the war the teachers taught about the war so the kids could understand what is going on. Food was rationed and there was barely any butter, meat, sugar, and coffee. She only had a couple of cousins in the war. She didn’t work in factories. She went to only a few school events due to the war. In 1950 she got married to a professor named Irwin. She had two boys and two girls. One of the boys was born in Pakistan. She was only 23 when married.

    Winnette’s favorite candy is peppermint and her favorite actor is Clark Gable. Her favorite board game is Chinese checkers and she loves strawberries. Her uncle, who was congressman had taken her and her brother to the top of Mt. Rushmore. Her brother went down Lincoln’s nose but she didn’t. It was the most memorable moment of her life

    Winette Neilson is a wonderful woman. This woman took her time off to share her experience with us. I wanted to thank her and I appreciate that she did that.

    It was entered into the Who's Who association High school edition.

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