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    Cleveland Reserve Zoo


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    Cleveland Reserve Zoo Empty Cleveland Reserve Zoo

    Post by jasonzoom on December 1st 2008, 17:47

    This is a zoo dedicated to adopting injured animals and breeding them. So far we have 5 Javan Rhinos 2 males and 3 females, 1 Fennec Fox male,Numerous jaguars, 2 Giant pandas male and female,6 hippos 3 male and 3 female.If you have any injured animals please tell me.......
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    Cleveland Reserve Zoo Empty Re: Cleveland Reserve Zoo

    Post by draco on February 15th 2009, 17:15

    i got a nile monitor with a deep gash down his back will you take him Very Happy

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    Cleveland Reserve Zoo Empty Re: Cleveland Reserve Zoo

    Post by Wüstenfuchs on April 26th 2009, 11:54

    Name: Gini
    Gender: Female
    Species: Komodo dragon
    Story: Was found in the Street after she was hitten by a car
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    Cleveland Reserve Zoo Empty Re: Cleveland Reserve Zoo

    Post by Josspot on April 26th 2009, 13:45

    I found an old hippo wait traveling throw africa he being in a fight with a youry male. He has to long Cuts on hes face will you take him in.
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    People Who Just Plain Rule!

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    Cleveland Reserve Zoo Empty Re: Cleveland Reserve Zoo

    Post by eric_fabian321 on March 26th 2010, 03:47

    Species:Grey Wolf
    Story:The only survivor of his clan when they were attacked by an outbreak of rabies.Very weak because of weeks without ingesting food and water.Will you take him in?

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    Cleveland Reserve Zoo Empty Re: Cleveland Reserve Zoo

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