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    The plane bug



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    The plane bug

    Post by HappyBear on December 31st 2008, 22:22

    The Grumman Goose was falling from the sky like a leaf from a mighty oak. The pilot was rapidly pushing buttons and pulling up on the yoke, only postponing the inevitable. The radio kept jumping from static to the base. "Charly Hote-CSHHHHH!-ome in Ch-CSHHHHH!-tel. Please repor-CSHHHHH!-hotel." The man fumbled for the radio. "This is Charly Hotel Reporting. I'm loosing altitude fast. Please respond, over." The radio responded with a taunting crackeling hiss. Then the base started to reply. "Charly Hotel, come-CSHHHHH-otel." The man repeated himself, this time a bit more franticly. "Base, come in, theis is Charly Hotel. I'm coming down. Respond, over." This time the radio didn't respnd at all. "Respond! Respond!" He yelled into the radio. "RESPO-" and then all was silent exept for the crackle of the flames and the chater of insects. That night was the quietest night ever in the forest. What caused the crash? That's what this whole story is about, the plane bug.

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