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    People Who Just Plain Rule!

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    Post by rebel_the_proud on January 19th 2009, 00:00

    Okay, this is sorta like Eragon, but not really. It doesn't qualify as fan fiction either. But anyway, I hate how it begins and one day I will rewrite it but I haven't the time right now. XP So here it is without further ado. Btw: this story is protected by copyright, not that anyone on here would steal it. But it is of my own creation and really was only inspired by Christopher Paolini's Eragon. Please do not copy this story as your own.


    Shelby is a 16 year old teenager with brown hair, blue eyes, a muscular frame (for a girl), and a wild imagination. She constantly daydreams at school, home and anywhere else she just happens to be at. She daydreams about the thrilling, the dangerous, the impossible, but the one thing she loves to dream about is Dragons. To fly upon its back would mean the world to her and she would give anything to have that wish.

    Some would say she is childish to have such dreams, but Shelby doesn’t care. Her parents have taken her to a psychiatrist to try and solve this “problem” but Shelby would not let anyone persuade her to stop dreaming. Her dreams are her world and that world is the only place where anyone understands her. Finally, after many failed attempts and a very high bill, her parents left her alone and let her continue her daydreaming, much to their regret.

    Despite the “childish” dreams, Shelby is still like an average tomboy teenager. She is a junior in high school and makes excellent grades. (She is often on the A/B honor roll all year.) She has friends and loves to hang around with them at school and sometimes afterwards. Shelby also has her first boyfriend, Nick, who is one year older than her and a Senior. Nick isn’t as fond of Dragons as Shelby is but he will tolerate her talking about them and telling him about her dreams. He is the only one who will really listen to Shelby and not call her a child. Nick enjoys her stories because they are normally thrilling and exciting and you know how boys are: always looking for adventure. Her parents approve of Nick and hope he will get her on the right track and away from the Dragons.

    Shelby lives in Western North Carolina, up in the mountains, a perfect place to daydream about Dragons. She often sits on her front porch and draws pictures of Dragons flying through the sky or over a mountain top. She has studied Dragons from all over the world, looking through books, on the internet and from other people. Her favorite are the Western Dragons who typically walk on four legs, have two wings above their front limbs or between their front and back limbs on their back, and a club on the end of their tail. But that doesn’t stop her from loving all Dragons, no matter where they come from.

    Shelby has a strange feeling about her dreams. She believes that dreams are doors to another world, now all she has to do is find the key to unlock that door. Little does she know her philosophy may not be as crazy as it sounds and that key may be closer than she thinks.

    People Who Just Plain Rule!
    People Who Just Plain Rule!

    Registration date : 2009-01-17
    Number of posts : 24

    Chapter 1: The Dream

    Post by rebel_the_proud on January 19th 2009, 00:02

    Chapter 1: The Dream

    Part 1

    Her soft breaths filled the room as she lay listening for that soft sound. The wind blew softly through her open window, blowing the curtains. The sound they made was mesmerizing...it was the sound she had been waiting for. It was like the sound of wings, but not just any wings. No, these are the wings of a mighty creature. A creature that can be as large as an elephant or as small as a house cat, as kind as a lamb or as ferocious as a lion. They can seem as simple as a lizard or a complex as a man. They are the mighty Dragons that soar through the skies and in her dreams.

    Her eyes grew tired as she listened to the soft sound of the beating wings and she fell to them in a deep sleep. Soon, she could feel the smooth scales on her hand and the mighty rush of wind running through her light brown hair as she flew upon the mighty Dragons back. Every muscle in the Dragon’s body rippled beneath her like a sea of dark green scales. The clouds flew by like soft pillows and she was lost to this world as she dreamed the impossible.

    Shelby clung to her old friend’s neck, hugging him tightly. The Dragon flew up, higher into the sky, flapping his mighty wings harder and faster. His green emerald eyes shimmered in the sunlight as he flew up higher, and higher.

    “Yeah, Flame! Higher!” Shelby yelled with laughter, loving the thrilling sensation. As they flew higher, Shelby began getting too excited and made a fatal mistake.

    Being caught up in the thrill of the moment, she let go of Flame’s neck and, losing her balance, tumbled down his back and off the end of his tail, free-falling two leagues to the ground. Acting quickly, she spread her body flat in the air and spread her arms apart to slow the speed of the fall, smiling at the thrill and exhilaration. Clouds rushed by her and filled her face with a soft touch like a summer breeze. The cool air rushing around her danced through her hair and clothes, tickling her skin.

    A green flash flew by her towards the ground and Shelby could see that it was Flame, coming to her rescue. As the ground neared, Flame flew directly beneath her and she landed safely on his shoulders without a scratch. Shelby laughed with happiness at Flame’s save.

    “Way to go, Flame! That was more fun than the last time.” Flame only growled in annoyance and flew onward doing various tricks and acrobatic stunts no other creature could match. He flew with grace and power, agility and speed, bravery and skill. The entire time, Shelby sat on his shoulders holding him close and thinking that this was where she belonged.

    After a while, what seemed like only minutes for Shelby, Flame dropped to the ground with grace and ease. He lowered his chest down to the ground, allowing Shelby to get off at a place so beautiful it made her speechless. The scene was like that out of a magazine: a large crystal-blue lake with hundreds of ever-green trees dotting the edge and green-green grass all over the place. Shelby smiled at the scene and turned to her friend, patting him on his side. A sigh escaped her mouth and she hugged Flame sorrow in her eyes.

    “Oh, Flame…I wish you were real and not just in my dreams. I would ride you every day and protect you from all.” She stroked him softly and kissed him. Flame closed his eyes and wrapped his snaky neck around her, pulling her closer to him. He opened his eyes and they were full of sorrow. He wished to be real as well.

    Shelby smiled and pulled away from him, looking into his emerald eyes. They no longer showed their true feelings, but they knew what each other was thinking…Only in their dreams could they be together. Shelby stroked Flame on his neck for a final time knowing that the dream would be interrupted by the annoying call of her mother, but her eyes caught a bright red light that began to glow behind her.

    Shelby turned quickly and put her arm up to cover the light’s bright red rays. Then, as Shelby lowered her arm, the rays slowly diminished and she stood before a strange circle with a clear liquid center floating in the middle of the air. The edges of it were the color of blood…Crimson.

    “Whoa…” Shelby found herself saying, her mouth hanging open in disbelief.

    Flame stood up and watched it with caution, but Shelby walked to it with little hesitation. She looked at it curiously and fearfully. When she reached out to touch it, the liquid shimmered and a picture of a girl showed as clear as if she were standing right in front of Shelby. Shelby jumped back at the site of her, but after a moment she walked closer and studied the girl.

    The girl had to be at least Shelby’s age, maybe a bit older. She had dark crimson hair that flowed like blood around her neck and shoulders. She wore a leather vest that was blood stained and tattered. Her face was scared, with both fresh and old cuts. But the thing that got Shelby the most were her eyes. Her eyes were like blood red rubies, starring at her with sadness and yet, they held hope.

    “Shelby.” The girl spoke and Shelby’s eyes widened in surprise. She looked to Flame in confusion and he slowly walked up to her, watching the strange girl. “Are you the one they call Shelby?”

    Shelby did not know what to do. She stood watching the crimson-eyed girl hoping she would just go away. The girl’s eyes hardened with anger and looked straight into Shelby’s deep blue eyes.

    “Are you or are you not Shelby!?” The girl asked with anger and threat in her voice.

    “Yes…I am.” She replied in a shaky, scared voice. Flame growled but the crimson-eyed girl paid no mind to him.

    “Thank you. That’s what I needed to know.”

    Shelby swallowed nervously and looked to Flame, who kept his eyes on the girl. She looked back to this stranger and asked, “Who…are you?”

    The girl straightened her shoulders and looked at Shelby. “I am Crimson, leader of the Dragon Tribe. My father was Bravado and my mother Jasmine, both lost to a war as old as time. The reason I have come to you is because I need your help. My Tribe needs your help.” Her crimson red eyes softened with sorrow as she looked to Shelby with a heart-breaking expression.

    “Help? From me?” Shelby asked confused and uncertainly. “Why me? What do I have to do?”

    Crimson lowered her head and sighed then, after a moment, looked back up to Shelby. “You are the one who created this world in which you dream about every night. And your world here is connected to my world. I have been watching you for a long time, now, trying to figure out if you were the one to help save my people. I believe you are.

    My Tribe and I are caught in an endless battle with the dictator king of Narisuta, the country in which we live. His name is Wrath and seeks to destroy the Dragon Tribe, the last tribe to peacefully co-exist with Dragons. King Wrath became the self proclaimed King of Narisuta when he successfully took over out largest city, Armageddon, where he resides now. He was only twenty-two years old then, and now he is two-hundred and seven years old. He has been king for one hundred eighty five long years. King Wrath and his Dragon Slayers wish to take all Dragons for themselves and force them to do evil. Those who resist King Wrath are immediately killed, whether they be Dragon or human. He has killed thousands that have stood against him and he continues to kill.

    My tribe has been able to fight against the Dragon Slayers for a long time now. One hundred eighty-four years to be exact. We started fighting against Wrath a year after he became King. I have only been fighting this war for six years, I started when I was only ten. For six long years, I have fought with only little success. I and my tribe have tried our hardest to rescue Narisuta from Wrath’s grasps but we have only plunged it deeper into war.

    Shelby, you are the Chosen One. You are the only one who can help me…The Dragon Tribe…and the whole country of Narisuta. Without your help, Narisuta and The Dragon Tribe are doomed to Wrath and his evil Dragon Slayers. We need your help.”

    “The Chosen One? What do you mean?” Shelby asked more confused than when Crimson began.

    “Look, I don’t have all day to explain. You are the Chosen One and that’s all I can say. You will receive a letter in the mail within three days. During that time, you must decide if you want to help us fight or let us die.”

    Shelby looked to Flame, her eyes wide and then looked back to Crimson. “This is just a dream. You’re not real. None of it is.”

    Crimson glared at Shelby with hard, angry eyes. “You will see that this is not a dream and I will prove it.” She drew a sword with a red hilt and a gold blade from its sheath. Aiming it back, she swung hard at the mirror. To Shelby’s surprise, it came through the mirror and hit her across her shoulder, drawing blood.

    Shelby fell to the ground yelling and clutching her arm in pain. Flame growled and leaped at the mirror of water, but he went right through it. He stood behind it, trying to claw at it and bite it but his teeth and claws could not grasp it. He could not get in.

    Shelby rose to her feet looking at the wound on her arm. “What was that for!?”

    Crimson continued to look at her annoyed, but she now had a smirk on her face. “It was to prove to you that this is real and you will understand your place.” She paused and pointed to Shelby’s shoulder. “Look, it’s healing now.”

    She looked at her injured arm and the skin was repairing itself. The blood stopped flowing and all that was left was a white scar from the top of her shoulder, 4 inches down. Shelby looked back to Crimson with confused, scared eyes.

    “I must go now and so must you. The dawn is nearing at your home and your mother will be waking you. But before I leave I must warn you…Nobody must read the letter that I am sending. Nobody. If they do, you can forget about ever coming here and Narisuta will be lost to the Dark Ages of Wrath.” She paused as Shelby’s eyes fell upon a blood-red Dragon who walked up behind Crimson. “It is real, Shelby. And we need you. You said you always wanted to ride upon a Dragon, but not just in your dreams. Now is your chance. You will hear from me in three days. Remember, nobody sees that letter. Good-bye.”

    The liquid mirror shimmered and then disappeared, leaving a stunned Shelby standing with Flame. She looked to her arm and the new scar it held then looked back to where the mirror used to be, but was no longer. A new voice entered her ears. It was too fuzzy to make out but soon it became clearer.

    “Shelby! Time to get up!”

    The world around her began to darken and Shelby fell back to her body and out of her dreams, seeing Flame’s glittering eyes disappear into the darkness, last.

    “Shelby! Get up!”

    Her mother’s voice rang in her ears as Shelby slowly woke from her long night of sleep. She opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling thinking of the dream she had just had. It was all so clear to her, as if it really happened. Was it real? She replayed it over and over again, word for word, in her head.


    “I’m up!” Shelby rolled her eyes and rolled out of bed. She walked to the mirror and looked at herself. Her eyes traveled to her shoulder, which was covered by the sleeve of her t-shirt. She could see a small white patch showing from underneath it. Slowly, she lifted the edge of the sleeve and saw the scar was there.

    “Impossible…” Shelby’s eyes filled with disbelief as she touched the scar, feeling its smooth texture. “No…I must still be dreaming.” She pinched herself on the arm and she could feel the pain. Stupid. She thought shaking her head still in disbelief.

    Shelby returned to her bed looking for any other sign of the dream but she couldn’t see any at first. She felt where she had laid at night and it felt damp. Sweat? The dream must have really got to me. She pulled her blankets on the bed back and her eyes saw the crimson red blood stain where her right arm had been lying that night. “This…It…It’s impossible…It’s just…there’s no way…”

    “Shelby?! Are you coming down or not!?” Her mother yelled angrily from downstairs.

    “I’m coming, mom!” Shelby quickly made her bed to cover the spot, knowing her mom would come in the room later on to clean. Every time she moved her arm, she could feel pain shoot up and down it and she would have to pause to allow the pain to recede. After she made her bed, Shelby got dressed, being extra careful not to mover her arm, and then walked downstairs.

    Shelby pulled out a chair from the kitchen table and sat down in it, still going over the dream. Her mother was standing over the stove cooking eggs.

    “Good morning sweetie.” Her mother said kindly, looking up from cooking.

    Shelby didn’t hear her mother. She stared at a salt shaker for a long moment, her thoughts on the dream, not realizing her mother was now watching her.

    “Shelby? Are you okay?” She asked worried. Shelby continued to stare at the salt shaker, thinking. “Shelby?” Her mother asked a little louder.

    She looked up from her thoughts, still half dazed. “Hm…Oh, sorry mom. I’m fine, I was just thinking.”

    “It’s not those Dragons, is it?” Shelby rolled her eyes in annoyance at her mother’s concern. “Well, I just don’t want you to get caught up in that dream world of yours.” She said turning to finish cooking the eggs.

    Sliding the eggs off the pan, she put half of them on a plate and set it in front of Shelby. “Eat up. I need you to go the store today and pick up a few things. I’ll give you the money and you can leave after breakfast.”

    “Okay.” Shelby stirred her fork in her eggs, staring at them. “Ma…”

    “Yes, dear?”

    “Have you ever had…” Shelby began, uncertain whether she should continue or not. “…a dream and then the next morning, something from that dream really had happened. Something you just couldn’t explain.”

    Her mother looked to her in confusion as she set her own plate of eggs on the table and sat down beside Shelby. “What do you mean?”

    “I mean just what I say. Have you ever woke up during a dream and what ever you dreamed about came true?”

    Her mother sat in thought for a moment, then shook her head. “No I can honestly say I haven’t. Why do you ask?”

    “No reason.” Shelby replied quickly but disappointedly. She took a bite of her eggs, still thinking of the dream.

    People Who Just Plain Rule!
    People Who Just Plain Rule!

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    Chapter 1: The Dream

    Post by rebel_the_proud on January 19th 2009, 00:04

    Chapter 1: The Dream
    Part 2

    Picking up her plate, Shelby stood up and put it in the sink. She walked up to her room and got some extra money for herself and then walked downstairs to meet her mother again.

    “Okay, I think I’ll head out now.”

    Her mother stood up from the table and started walking to her room. “Alright, let me get the list and your money.” She soon returned with both of them and handed them to Shelby, who stuck the money deep in one pocket and the list in the other. “Drive safe.” She said with concern as Shelby walked out the door.

    Shelby opened the door to her truck and sat down, starting it at the same time. Shutting the door she pulled away from the house and down the long road to town. It took a whole hour to get from her house to town but she enjoyed the drive. Her dad did too, which is one reason why he opened a little store in town, he enjoyed the ride there.

    The road went straight through the center of a thick forest and this was why Shelby loved driving to town so much. She got to look around and see the wildlife around her and watch the landscape change from day to day.

    Sunlight would occasionally find its way through the branches that overlapped the road and would brighten up the dark road. It wasn’t long until the road flattened out and the forest thinned out. Shelby smiled at the beautiful surroundings and soon forgot her dream.

    Shelby pulled into the parking lot of a small grocery store she had known since she was born. The town itself was small but it always seemed more and more competition was coming every day. Some succeeded and some failed but this store always seemed to hold out above the rest.

    After cutting off the truck, Shelby got out and walked into the store. It took her only fifteen minutes to find everything her mother needed and after she checked out, Shelby knew that the rest of the day was hers and she knew where she wanted to go.

    She packed up the truck with the groceries, got in the truck and drove off.

    Shelby drove for only ten minutes and then pulled into another parking lot of a small souvenir store at the edge of town. The only other car there was the one of the only store owner and employee. She loved coming here because, first of all, it was never crowded and secondly, they always had the neatest things, including Dragon sculptures and models. Eagerly, she locked her truck and walked inside.

    The small store was crammed with knick-knacks to the very top shelves, making the lighting in the store very limited, but Shelby could see everything perfectly. Her eyes immediately began scanning the shelves for anything she might be interested in. She found a small glass ball that looked like something a psychic would use. Beside it was a wooden statue of a horse, rearing, but she passed over both of them without interest. An old man, Ronnie, came out from the back room and stood behind his counter, watching Shelby. He was the owner of the store and the only employee.

    “Good ta see ya’gain, Shelby. Can I ‘elp ya ‘ith somethin’?”

    Shelby looked up from her browsing and smiled at him. “Good to see you, Ronnie. I’m just browsing at the moment.” She loved the way he talked: uneducated and simple.

    “Um-kay, but if’n ya need ‘nythin’, I’ll be ‘ight back ‘ere.” He walked back out.

    Shelby resumed her browsing. She found everything from marbles to carved figures, snow-globes to hats but nothing seemed to interest her. Finally, after going over the store for the fifth time, she sighed and started to walk out.

    “Leavin’ so soon?”

    Shelby turned to see Ronnie looking at her from behind his counter. “Yeah. I don’t see anything I’m really interested in.”

    “I ‘igured that. Wait ‘ight ‘ere.” Ronnie left and Shelby walked up to the counter, curious to see what he had. He soon returned with a big cardboard box that hid Ronnie torso. He dropped it on the counter with a grunt. “’ere ya go!”

    “What is it?” Shelby said examining the box.

    Ronnie smiled and opened the top of the box. “Its stuff I saved for ya! An’thin’ I saw that look-ed ‘ike you’d like, I kept.” The first thing he pulled out was a Dragon sculpture about as wide as the palm of his hand.

    “Wow…” Shelby said quietly to herself as she carefully took it from his hands and examined it.

    The Dragon was made of some kind of smooth gray rock. His eyes were made of tiny emeralds that shimmered in the dim light. The pose of the Dragon, though, was the most spectacular. The sculptor had made the Dragon to look like he was rearing back on his hind legs, ready to spread his mighty wings and leap into the air. The scales and muscles of the Dragon were so detailed and looked so real, Shelby could almost feel the creature moving in her hand. The power of the Dragon was really shown in the sculpture. Flame…

    Shelby found herself watching the Dragon with such intensity that she did not even notice Ronnie watching her.

    “’fraid he’s a gonna fly away?”

    She looked up to him in surprise and smiled. “No, it’s just…beautiful.” She sighed and put the Dragon down then looked back to Ronnie. “Anything else?”

    Ronnie nodded his head. “Yep.” He pulled out two more Dragon sculptures, one the same size as the emerald-eyed Dragon and the other about two times bigger. One of the Dragons had ruby red eyes as red as blood and was breathing fire into the air. The other had gold eyes and was the largest of the sculptures. It was made to look like the Dragon was in battle with knights, swiping at them with his front claws and tail.

    Another item Ronnie had held was a real mid-evil shield with a gold Dragon on the front. Shelby gladly slid it on her left arm and felt the weight of it. It was heavy, to her surprise, but she could still hold it up.

    “I got that’un from friend a mine. ‘e said e’s had it for a long time and ‘oped I’d get ‘ome use out of it. I’d figured you’d like to have it.” He paused for a moment and then looked into the book again. “’N’ what’s the good ta have-a shield ‘n no sword?” Ronnie said as he pulled out a sheathed sword with a solid gold handle.

    Shelby stared at it in awe. She looked to Ronnie and then back to the sword, taking it very carefully from him. When she unsheathed it, the silver blade shined brightly in the dim light. She stared at it long and hard. The blade was polished and sharp, ready to use, the solid gold handle was bright and polished as well, and the hilt had a Dragon head carved into it. But what really caught her attention was something carved into the blade of the sword where the handle and the blade met. It read:


    “I n’ver unda-stood them there words. They don’t make any sense ta me.”

    Shelby looked at the words and read them over and over again. Ride, Fight & Conquer…or Die. She looked to Ronnie. “How much do I owe you?”

    “Nuthin’ what-so-ever. Call’em gifts.” He said with a wink.

    “No, I gotta pay. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.”

    “Well, you take gifts on ya birthday, don’t you? Think of it as ya birthday pr’sent. Now git outta ‘ere for I call da po-lice.” Ronnie grinned at her and disappeared into the back room.

    Shelby shook her head with a smile and collected her treasures. Without a second thought, she set all her money on the counter and walked out to her truck, ready to go home.

    The drive home seemed longer than usual to Shelby. Her mind stayed busy with the thought of the dream she had had the night before. Was she going insane or was it all real? She could not decide, so she just flipped the radio on and continued driving without a second thought of the dream.[u]

    People Who Just Plain Rule!
    People Who Just Plain Rule!

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    Chapter 2: The Letter

    Post by rebel_the_proud on January 19th 2009, 00:07

    Chapter 2: The Letter

    Three days had gone by and Shelby had completely forgotten about her dream and the scar on her arm. To her it was all just a coincidence and she tried to put a theory to her new scar and the blood stain on her bed. Her theory was that something sharp had fallen on her bed that night and cut her arm then she must have accidentally knocked it on the floor. The cut must not have been deep because it healed so quickly. Whether or not she had a good theory or not, or even if she believed it herself, she had not shown her mother and father the scar. Shelby was afraid of what her parents would say and she knew that they would not believe anything she said.

    It was Monday morning and Shelby had just gotten finished getting dressed for school. She was running late, again, but at least she didn’t have to ride a bus.

    Shelby ran downstairs while pulling on her backpack. Her dad and mom were in the kitchen eating breakfast.

    “Want some breakfast before you leave?” Her father asked as Shelby walked by.

    “No, thank you. I’m late. Bye!” Before her parents could object, she ran out the door and got into her truck, speeding off.

    School seemed to drag on that day so Shelby began to daydream about Dragons and riding them. She thought of herself carrying her new shield and sword while riding upon a Dragons back, ready for battle. Then, as if it was a reminder, she remembered the dream she had had two nights ago. She could see it so clear it was like she had actually seen it in real life. The picture was so vivid in her head she thought she was no longer in the classroom.

    “You will receive a letter in the mail within 3 days. During that time, you must decide if you want to help us fight or let us die.”

    Crimson’s words rang in her head as if she had been standing right beside Shelby talking to her. Then Shelby remembered something that scared her.

    “Nobody must read the letter that I am sending. Nobody. If they do, you can forget about ever coming here and Narisuta will be lost to the Dark Ages of Wrath.”

    Shelby looked to the clock: twelve thirty four. She still had lunch and another class to go. The mail would have already come by the time she got home. Has my mother opened it? Concern filled her head at the thought of it, and then she seemed to try to come back to reality. Aw, who cares? It was just a dream.
    “Shelby, you are the Chosen One. You are the only one who can help me…The Dragon Tribe…and the whole country of Narisuta. Without your help, Narisuta and The Dragon Tribe are doomed to Wrath and his evil Dragon Slayers. We need your help.”

    Shelby sighed as Crimson’s words came back to her and she looked to the clock even more anxious than before.

    Finally, the lunch bell ran and Shelby walked out of the classroom to go to lunch. Lunch wasn’t very appetizing: school pizza and green beans, but she didn’t care. The only thing on her mind was that letter. Would her mom read it?

    Fourth period was Algebra, and was usually boring, but Shelby hardly noticed. All she could think about was that letter. Would it even come? Was it real? What will it look like? Shelby was fortunate enough to sit in the back of the class, so the teacher didn’t notice that she wasn’t paying attention.

    When the last bell rang, Shelby ran through the school, accidentally hitting the principle. Again, Shelby was fortunate because the principle did not catch her in time. She ran on out of the building and to her truck, speeding home.

    Shelby stopped her truck by the mailbox and opened it…no mail. She quickly drove down the dirt drive-way and parked the truck, jogging into the house.

    “Ma!” She walked to the kitchen counter, hoping to find the stack of mail but to no luck. “Ma!”

    “What? What is it?” Her mom came walking into the kitchen with a worried expression.

    “Did you get the mail?”

    “Yes. It’s in the living room.” Her mom walked to the living room and Shelby followed nervously. “There’s something here for you.” Shelby’s eyes fell on a light tea colored envelope…opened.

    Shelby leaped in front of her mother and picked up the letter. It had her name on it but her address wasn’t below it nor was there a return address. “Did you read this!?” She found herself yelling at her mom uncontrollably. “Please tell me you didn’t read it!”

    “No I didn’t. I just opened it. I hadn’t realized it was for you until after I had opened it. I’m sorry.” Her was said quietly and a little stunned. “There is no return address and I didn’t even think to look at who it was for…”

    Shelby didn’t stay around to listen to all that her mother had to say. She ran upstairs in a furry and slammed her door shut, locking it. Leaning back against her door, she listened for footsteps, hoping her mother would not follow. All was quiet. When it felt safe, Shelby looked to the envelope in her hand. What will it say?

    After taking a breath, slowly, very slowly, she opened the top of the envelope where her mother had already torn it. Inside was a piece of paper the same color as the envelope and she took it out. She laid the empty envelope on her desk and looked at the folded piece of paper, unsure if she should read it or not. After a deep breath, she opened the letter. It read:

    Dear Shelby,

    You must make a decision now. The longer you wait, the less likely the Dragon Tribe will succeed. I must warn you that the decision you make will change your life forever. But before you do make a decision, here are the death rates from the war.

    Casualties (Civilians): 5,569 people out of approx. 12,367 people
    Casualties (Warriors): 2,348 people out of approx. 5,623 people
    Casualties (Dragons): 8,571 Dragons out of approx. 10,453 Dragons

    These are the casualties for only a year. Multiply those numbers by 184 years and you will see that the numbers are great. The Dragons have suffered more than we humans have and now there are only roughly 2.000 Dragons left, as you can see. The approximate value on the right is from the census taken each year. Every year the numbers decrease by thousands. Soon, all of the good people in Narisuta will be dead and only the King and his followers will live to torture the Dragons and the hundreds of humans who have given themselves up.
    Now, the choices you have for the question I asked three days ago are the following:
    1.) Yes, I will pledge myself to the Dragon Tribe and help save Narisuta and all the Dragons and people in it.
    2.) No, I do not pledge myself to the Dragon Tribe and will let the survivors of Narisuta suffer under the rule of Wrath.

    If you decide no, then our fate is sealed and there is nothing more to do.
    If you decide yes, then the first thing you must realize is that you must leave everyone you love behind you, no matter who they are. You must decide your destiny. If that doesn’t discourage you from war, then here is the next thing you must do:
    1.) You must pack immediately. Only take what you can carry on your back. Please, nothing unnecessary. Do not bring any of your money. I have supplied you with some of our own kind of currency in this envelope. Also, wear plain clothing. Do not wear anything that will stand out. Brown and tan are fine colors to wear. We will get you the proper attire when you arrive.
    2.) Leave your home immediately. You cannot tell your parents good-bye. When you enter through the portal, all memory of you on your earth will cease to exist. Your parents will not know you. If you still decide to continue, the place where you will open the portal will call out to you. Then you must go to that place. It will call you stronger than you can resist and you will have to go to it. I cannot tell you where it is.
    3.) Once you get to the place that calls you, you must open the portal. I cannot tell you how because I know not, but you will know. Trust in yourself.
    4.) When you have the portal open, you must realize that when you enter it…you can never return.. The Dragon Tribe will be your new home. Then, if you still decide to go through with it…walk through the portal.
    5.) On the other side of the portal, you should be about a half a mile away from the city Myus. I know this only from a dream I had a night ago. You must go there and buy a steed from the man Bruce. You will have enough gold to do so. You must also buy clothing to fit in with the others. When you are in the town, speak to no one. To them, you must be a mute. No matter what they ask you, stay quiet.
    6.) After you are prepared, head North-East. I will make sure you make it to The Dragon Tribe safely.

    I wish you good luck on your decision. But you must decide now. If you say yes, The Dragon Tribe thanks you. But if you say no, we will only be destroyed and will neither thank you nor curse you. Good luck, my friend.

    Crimson of the Dragon Tribe

    P.S. Sorry your scar hurts. I hope it feels better.

    Shelby stared at the letter for a long time, reading it over and over again. She sat down on the bed, not taking her eyes off the letter. Its words hurt her so much. Having to leave her family seemed too much to ask for. And Nick? How could she leave him?

    Her eyes traveled to a picture of him and her together. She stared at it and then looked back to the letter. The more she thought about it, the more the answer seemed clear.

    If I don’t go, I could be putting innocent people to death. But if I do go, I’ll no longer be known on this earth. Why let people die to save my own feelings? That would be selfish of me. I’m not doing any good here anyway. Why shouldn’t I try and save the world, even if it isn’t this world? Still, it is a lot to ask.

    She sat in her room for an hour, debating the choice. Finally, she realized what had to be done, even though it hurt her terribly. Shelby stood up and took a deep breath.

    “I have chosen my destiny. Yes, I will pledge myself to the Dragon Tribe and help save Narisuta and all the Dragons and people in it.”

    With the decision made, she ran to her closet and opened it, pulling out a leather backpack her dad had given her years ago. Thinking of the letter, she scanned the room for necessities. Her eyes fell on her three new Dragon sculpture. I know she said necessities…but it wouldn’t hurt to carry something to remind me of home. Quickly she pulled off the pillow-cases on her pillows and began wrapping them around her sculptures. She then carefully set them in her backpack and again scanned the room. Her pocket knife was setting on her desk and she quickly picked it up and threw it in her backpack. Again she resumed looking around, but she could not think of anything else to bring.

    Shelby looked to the letter, reading the list Crimson told her to do. Clothes. She walked to her closet and looked through her clothes, trying to find something plain in color. With her luck, she had a plain brown t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. Quickly, she changed her clothes and looked back at the letter, realizing she had missed the part about money.

    When she had taken the letter out of the envelope, the letter was empty. Had Crimson forgotten the money? Shelby walked to the empty envelope and picked it up. It was heavy. She looked in it and found a small leather pouch tied shut with a piece of string. Slowly, she opened it and found solid gold coins. Confused, she looked to the envelope, remembering exactly how much it had weighed when she picked it up. It hadn’t felt like any gold was in it.

    Brushing the confusion aside, she tied the money bag to her belt and swung on her backpack, looking around the room one last time. She looked to the picture of her and Nick and picked it up, setting her backpack down. Pulling out the picture, she stuck it in her pocket and set the empty frame down. As she turned to leave, her eyes fell on her shield and sword. Crimson must not have known about it, otherwise she probably would have asked for her to carry it. Picking up the sword, she quickly looped it through her belt and strapped the shield to the back of her backpack using some brown string. Satisfied, she looked back down to the letter at the next step. Leave your home immediately. Though it was hard for her to do, she felt she had to. Shelby swung on her backpack for the final time, unlocked the door and walked out quietly.

    She moved down the stairs, watching every step she made, the letter held tight in her hand. Her mom was in the living room, which gave her a straight shot to the back door. Slowly, she crept through the kitchen on tiptoe until she got to the door. She slipped on her tennis-shoes and without a backwards glance, slipped through the door, only to meet her father on the other side.

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    Chapter 3: Destiny is Calling

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    Chapter 3: Destiny is Calling

    Shelby stood staring at her father, not sure of what to say. It seemed as if she had been caught and now she would have to explain everything to her parents, which would mean more psychiatrists.

    “Dad…what are you doing home?”

    Her dad looked to her confused. “I closed the store early…where are you going and with such weapons?” He said looking at her sword and shield.

    “Um…I’m just going to Nick’s. I’ll be back soon.” She started making her way around her dad, feeling a sudden urge to go on.

    Her dad kept a watchful eye on her. “Okay. Be home before dark.” And with that, he walked inside.
    Shelby did not hear him. All she heard was the urging call to go someplace. A vision entered her head and clouded her entire mind. She saw a clearing in the forest with two moss covered boulders about 5 feet apart from each other. A small fresh-water stream ran in between them. In the center of the stream, where it was exactly between the boulders, was a small patch of dry ground that split the stream in two. The stream came back to one as it passed the small island.

    “That is where I must go.”

    Running as fast as she could, Shelby went towards the place that called her. She didn’t know how far away it was or when she would get there, all she knew was she had to be there.

    The forest brushed by her, trees and plants tugging at her to keep her here but she refused to stay. The call was too strong to deny or to leave. She had to go to it. The calling seemed to be dragging her through the forest at all costs and she could not stop it, nor did she want to.

    Shelby ran farther and faster than she ever had before. Destiny was calling and she was answering. She realized that the call was growing stronger, which must have meant she was getting closer. The calls were not yells but they were whispers. Soft and soothing but at the same time, irresistible to follow.

    Soon, it seemed as if the whole forest was talking to her. The whispers filled her head to bursting and she thought she would go crazy at the sounds. The vision once again came to her and the whispers subsided. Shelby stopped and listened. The noise was gone. Then she heard the sound of a small soothing whisper, calling to her and she followed it as if she was in a dream. She soon found herself in the clearing with the two moss covered boulders and the small stream.

    “This is it…” She said to herself, realizing there was no turning back. Once you get to the place that calls you, you must open the portal. “Now…how to open the portal.”

    Shelby positioned herself to face the gap between the boulders, her legs on either side of the stream. She looked from one boulder to the next and then to the sparkling stream between it. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and relaxed, clearing her head of all thoughts.

    The forest was quiet. Not a bird chirped nor the wind blow. All was quiet except for her breathing. Shelby stood for what seemed like an eternity and then, it came to her. She knew what she had to do. With her mind set, she began.

    She set down her backpack and pulled off the shield, setting it carefully on the ground. Then she reached into her pack and pulled out the three Dragons, without a word. Carefully, she placed the red-eyed Dragon on top of one boulder, and the green-eyed Dragon on top of the other. Then, taking the golden-eyed Dragon, she put him on the small island that sat in the middle of the stream. She drew her sword and picked up her shield, sliding the sword sideways into the slots on the back of the shield. Then she pushed the shield in the water behind the island the Dragon had been put on and stepped back to examine the project. For a moment nothing happened. She watched the scene and then spoke the words she had read once before.

    “Ride, fight and conquer or die.”

    The ruby eyes of the red-eyed Dragon glowed, followed by the emerald-eyed Dragon and then the golden-eyed Dragon. Shelby watched in astonishment as the Dragon on the front of the shield began to glow and then the Dragon on the hilt of the sword. A golden light flashed, nearly blinding Shelby and when she opened her eyes she saw a swirling mirror like the one she had seen in the dream.

    When you have the portal open, you must realize that when you enter it…you can never return... The Dragon Tribe will be your new home. Then, if you still decide to go through with it…walk through the portal.

    Slowly, she walked to it, pulling her backpack on one shoulder and stopping directly in front of it. Shelby looked to it nervously, then without looking back stepped through the portal.

    Her eyes met a bright sun as she walked out onto a sea of sand. Scared but curious, she turned around to look at the portal. It was then she realized the portal was no longer there. All she could see where large rocks that she had, seemingly, come out of. Her hand dropped by her right side in the shock and realization that she could no longer go home and she could feel her sword. It had returned from the portal to her belt without her realization. She also noticed the weight on her back had increased since she walked through the portal and she took off her backpack to investigate. The shield had been returned to the top of the pack and when she opened the pack, she found all 3 Dragons.

    Shelby looked out across the desert, somewhat stunned, as if looking for answers. “So this was my destiny. The sword, the shield and the Dragons were all a part in getting me here. If I hadn’t gotten them…would things be the same?” She pondered on the past, but soon realized that she had to concentrate on the future.

    Looking back at the letter, she read the next task. On the other side of the portal, you should be about a half a mile away from the city Myus. You must go there and buy a steed from the man Bruce. You will have enough gold to do so. You must also buy clothing to fit in with the others. When you are in the town, speak to no one. To them, you must be a mute. No matter what they ask you, stay quiet.

    Shelby sighed and after putting her items back, pulled on her backpack, looking around for anything to tell her where to go. From where she was, she could just make out a sign near the edge of some low rocky mountains and she quickly walked to it.

    When she came to the sign, it read, “Myus: ½ mile northeast.” An arrow pointed in the direction she should go. Nodding her head in approval, Shelby turned and began to head off in the direction of the town.

    Though the desert was hot, Shelby did not feel it. Though the sand bit at her legs, hands and face, she did not feel it. She did not thirst, though the sand dried her throat. Shelby walked in a trance, thinking of what was about to happen to her life and what had already happened. She knew she would never be the same. Her life was to be very different from the life of leisure she had been used to back at her home. Now, Shelby was ready and willing for anything. And though it scared her, she continued on, ready to meet her destiny.

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    Chapter 4: Myus

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    Chapter 4: Myus

    From a distance, Shelby could see the shadow of a town only about 15 minutes away, walking. It was the town of Myus. She had only been walking for a little less than an hour, but the loneliness of the desert made the time go by so slowly and the sight of town filled her with joy.

    Picking up her pace, she jogged straight for the town, glad she would no longer be in the dreaded desert alone. As she neared Myus, the scent of the sea filled the air. It wasn’t long before she could hear the ocean and gulls near by.

    The town began to get clearer in view and Shelby could see houses that looked like they were made mainly of mud and dirt. When she got closer, she realized they were, but some wood houses were around too. She entered the town without any hesitation but she did find people staring at her oddly.

    On the other side of the portal, you should be about a half a mile away from the city Myus. You must go there and buy a steed from the man Bruce. You will have enough gold to do so. You must also buy clothing to fit in with the others. When you are in the town, speak to no one. To them, you must be a mute. No matter what they ask you, stay quiet.

    Shelby remembered Crimson’s advice and she talked to no one. To take away from the loneliness she still felt, she started studying the town and began to make mental notes of the place. The street was made of mud stones, just as most of the houses. The houses had crude doors and cut out windows with no glass to protect the inside. There were no cars on the street, only horses, mules and oxen, some pulling carts of food and supplies. There were stationary food carts with different assortments of fruits, vegetables and even animals, such as chickens, goats and pigs. Her eyes fell on one of the items Crimson said she needed to get: Clothing.

    It was on a small cart with clothes and pre-made clothing. The clothes were simple and plain, made of leather with no designs on them. The shirts had short sleeves that looked to come down to your elbows and the pants were simple with one button and no zippers. They were all long pants, which confused Shelby because of the heat. None-the-less, she began to look through them, in hopes of finding something to fit. The woman at the stand watched her carefully.

    “You don’t look like you come from around here, hon.” Her voice reminded Shelby of a gypsy, though the woman was quite large to be one.

    Shelby only nodded her head and continued looking. When she found something that she saw would fit, she showed them to the woman.

    “That’ll be 25 gold pieces.” Nodding her head, Shelby took out the money and gave it to the woman. As if knowing what Shelby was to do next, she said, “You can go into the bar over there and change. They’ve got a room you can change in, hon.”

    Smiling, Shelby nodded her head in thanks and walked to where the woman had acknowledged. The bar wasn’t at all how she had pictured it. It was small and quiet, with one bar tender behind the bar. The bar stools were empty except for one, where a guy sat sleeping, mug in hand.

    The bar tender looked at Shelby with curious eyes. “You new here?” Shelby replied with a nod. “Need somethin’?” Shelby held up the clothes while pointing to herself and the man nodded. He pointed to a door in the back. “There’s an empty bedroom over there. It used to be my daughters, but she’s moved off now. You can change there. In the meantime, would you like me to get you a drink? You look thirsty.”

    Shelby nodded her head yes and walked to the bedroom. She was surprised to find it nicer than she expected. There was a small bed in the back corner of the room and one window with shutters closed and curtains hanging in front of them. A small wood dresser stood at the front of the room and another larger one at the side. A closet was at the back beside the bed. The room was very dusty from not being used in a while.

    After closing the door, Shelby set down her backpack and changed her clothes from her modern day ones to her new attire. She found them to be quite comfortable and not heavy. They felt like they were good for movement, which would be good for riding long distances. Remembering her next task was to buy a horse, she quickly packed up her old clothes and swung on her backpack, then swiftly walked out.

    The bar tender stood in front of a rock mug with some red liquid in it. He looked to Shelby as she came out. “I bet you feel much better being out of those other clothes. Here’s your drink, on the house.”

    Shelby gratefully sat down in front of the drink and took a long, satisfying gulp. The drink was fruity, but not sweetened with sugar. It was slightly bitter but it wasn’t unpleasant. It tasted sorta like strawberries. She set the mug down on the counter, empty, looking at it curiously.

    “It’s a strawberry flavored.” Shelby looked up to the bar tender as he spoke. “I like it…I thought you might enjoy it.”

    She nodded her head in agreement and then thought of the letter. …buy a steed from the man Bruce. Quickly, she unfolded the letter she had been holding tightly in her hand and looked for the sentence. When she found it, Shelby showed it to the bar tender, making sure to hide her own name and Crimson’s. The man looked at the letter and read the sentence she had pointed to.

    “Ah, so you need a horse from Bruce. Bruce’s place is right at the edge of town.” He said pointing in the direction she was to go. “Let me warn you though…Bruce is a hot head and you might want to be careful around him. He’ll blow up at anything.”

    With this in mind, Shelby folded up the letter and stuck it deep in her pocket, then left the bar and went in the direction she was told to go. The town was very busy around the bar area, which Shelby figured was where they held a market place. The streets were crowded and unpleasant but she continued on, knowing she had to find the Dragon Tribe.

    The farther away from the market place she went, the quieter and less crowded it got. The houses thinned out and small farms began to pop up. It wasn’t long when Shelby saw a large barn beyond a fenced in field of grass. She saw a few horses grazing in the fence and began to examine them, though these all looked young and inexperienced. Shelby moved on to the barn.

    Slowly and quietly, she entered the big barn doors. Her eyes met an overweight man hunched over an anvil and banging on a piece of metal. He hadn’t seemed to notice Shelby. Aware that she wasn’t supposed to talk, Shelby tapped her hand on the side of the wall to get the man’s attention. The man turned quickly and looked to Shelby.

    “Can I help you?” His voice was raspy and tough, and his face looked just the same. Shelby stood dumb-founded for a moment and then pointed to a horse. “You want a horse?” Shelby nodded her head, realizing now, this was Bruce. “Which one ya want?”

    Shelby watched him for a moment, then began to go from stall to stall, examining the horses. A lot of the horses were either too young or too old. She passed those over without a second glance. It wasn’t until her eyes fell on a pure black stallion, at least 7 years in age, built for speed and agility as well as strength. Looking at the horse in awe, she failed to notice Bruce come up behind her.

    “So ya want that’un, eh?” Shelby leaped forward and spun around to look at Bruce in surprise. Slowly, she nodded her head. Bruce glared at her for a moment, then moved around her, taking the horse by the halter and leading him out of the stall.

    Shelby looked at the horse closely, making sure there were no deformities or broken bones. The horse seemed to be in excellent condition. With a nod of her head, she looked to Bruce and pulled out her money sack. Bruce looked to her, watching her very carefully.

    “So, you want to but him. Okay, that’ll be 180 gold pieces for the horse and an additional 25 for the saddle and bridle.” Bruce watched as Shelby counted out the money and he swiftly took it from her when she was finished. When Shelby reached out to take the halter from the man, he pulled it back and glared at her.

    “Where you from?” He said harshly.

    Shelby stared at him in fear. She knew she was not supposed to talk but Bruce seemed to want an answer. Her eyes searched him for any possibilities of him just being curious, but he just simply didn’t seem to trust her.

    “I said, where are you from?” He spoke harsher now, moving toward her. “What’s the matter?! Can’t speak! Where you from!?” He paused and searched her fearful face for answers. “You ain’t from around here…no. You’re an outsider…untrustworthy…and I won’t have you takin’ my horses an’ usin’ them for Wrath and his army!”

    Bruce quickly grabbed his hammer and raised it above his head to try and hit Shelby. Shelby’s eyes followed the hammer as it rose above him, but her eyes traveled to something black in the rafters of the barn. It was a boy dressed in all black, with a flowing cape around his neck and a black mask over his nose and mouth, revealing only his ice blue eyes. The boy leaped into a summersault off the rafters and landed swiftly on his feet behind Bruce, grabbing the hammer with both hands. Bruce let go of the hammer and the horse’s hater and spun around to meet the boy.

    “The Black Wolf…You return.” Bruce said disgusted.

    The Black Wolf dropped the hammer and glared at Bruce. “Pick on somebody who can fight back.” The boy said bravely and drew a silver sword from his belt.

    Bruce roared angrily and quickly grabbed another hammer raising it with both hands and sending it crashing for The Black Wolf, who swiftly dodged the attack by simply moving around Bruce to Shelby. Again Bruce roared in anger and came barreling to the two, swinging the hammer from side to side. The Black Wolf pushed Shelby out of the way and blocked the attack with his sword, holding it above him, while Bruce’s hammer crashed down on top of it. The Black Wolf kicked Bruce in the stomach, knocking him backwards into an anvil. Swiftly, the boy grabbed the halter of the agitated black stallion and threw them to Shelby.

    “Run as fast as you can! Get away from here!” He turned just in time to block another attack from Bruce, though this time Bruce was using a lit torch. Embers from the torch scattered on the floor lighting the wood and straw lying about.

    The Black Wolf turned to see Shelby still standing there stunned holding the stallion’s halter. “I said run!” He slapped the black horse on the hind-quarters and sent him running, pulling Shelby with him. The stallion galloped without a second thought of Shelby, who ran along side him as fast as she could, glancing back at the new comer and wondering who he was.

    The Black Wolf danced around the sparse fires that ignited on the floor of the barn while dodging the wild attacks thrown by Bruce. The fire spread rapidly and The Black Wolf soon found himself trapped between the fire and Bruce. The only way out was through Bruce, who stood chuckling in front of the boy.

    “So…I finally got you cornered like the fox you are.” He sneered and grabbed a chain off the wall, grinning.

    The Black Wolf glared at him, ready for anything, not realizing the roof had already caught on fire. As Bruce neared, the boy backed slowly away. A crack echoed through the barn and they both looked up to see one of the burning rafters falling to the ground. Quickly, The Black Wolf leaped onto the ground and rolled head-over-heels beneath the falling structure and made it safely to the other side just as it hit the ground. Bruce stood stunned which gave the boy the chance to run out of the burning barn. Just before he got out, The Black Wolf swiftly grabbed a saddle and bridle lying at the door. He whistled loudly and an already saddled black mare galloped out to him. Without having her slow, The Black Wolf jumped into the saddle and rode off, carrying the extra bridle and saddle with him. He did not look back as the burning barn slowly began to crumble to the ground.

    Shelby had finally been able to pull the scared stallion to a stop and was stroking him softly, trying to quiet him down, but the horse had already run a half a league away from the burning barn. The horse whinnied in fear and pranced around, tossing his head from side to side.

    The sound of hoof-beats aroused them both and they looked to see an equally black mare galloping towards them, The Black Wolf upon her back. His cape blew back in the wind, his head held low to the horses’ neck. He held a saddle and bridle in one hand and he still wore a mask over his face. Shelby watched him in awe as he swiftly pulled the mare to a stop and leaped off, still carrying the saddle and bridle.

    “Here…” He threw the saddle on the back of the black stallion. “We have to get out of here quick. The town could be after us.” He quickly tightened the saddle and then pulled off the halter. “Hold this, while ya?” Handing Shelby the halter, he swiftly pulled on the bridle and tightened it. “Okay, let’s get going.”

    Without a word, they both climbed onto the horses and kicked them into a gallop, riding across a stretch of barren grasslands.

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    Chapter 5: A New Friend

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    Chapter 5: A New Friend

    Shelby and her strange companion galloped on for hours. They spoke none nor did they look to one another, but they did continue to check behind them for any signs of being followed.

    At night fall, they finally stopped their exhausted horses by a small fresh water stream to rest. Shelby un-tacked her horse and allowed him to graze freely as did The Black Wolf. She watched him with wonder as he started a fire with a piece of flint stone and his sword. The stranger glanced up at her and smiled.

    “My dad taught me how to make a fire. We had to live out in the forest for a long while and I still do.” With the fire successfully built, he stood up and held his sword tight in his hand. “I’m gonna go fishing. I’ll be back in a little while. Make yourself comfortable.” Quietly, he walked off to the ocean, which Shelby could not see but could hear. She could tell that on one side of their camp was a forest and the other side was the ocean. The stream they had stopped by must have come out of the forest and flowed into the ocean. With a tired sigh, Shelby sat down near the fire and stared into it, thinking of the future she was to face. She no longer looked at the past for she knew she would never see it again.

    Then Shelby began to think of the boy. He had not yet taken off his mask to let her look on his face and, in a way, it scared her. She did not know if she could trust him enough to speak with him or not.

    The stranger returned soon afterward with a bundle of fish tied to his belt, each with a hole through its head. His mask had been pulled down around his neck and she finally got to see his face. The boy had a tough but kind expression. He held braveness in his eyes and strength in his smile. His hair was as black as the night but his eyes were as blue as the stream. Shelby found that he was quite handsome. She guessed his age at 17 or 18 years old, but she couldn’t be certain.

    Shelby watched as the stranger set the fish down and went to scaling and gutting them with a small knife. Thinking she could help, Shelby pulled out her pocket knife from her backpack and grabbed a fish. The stranger flashed his eyes to her as she watched what he was doing. He scaled the fish quite easily and quickly by sliding the knife back and forth on the animal’s side, scales popping off in different directions. Shelby tried to follow, but her knife cut too deep. The stranger chuckled at her attempt.

    “No…Here, try it slowly.” He began to scale the fish slower, allowing Shelby to follow. She caught on quite easily and soon finished her first fish. “Very good. Now you have to gut him.” The stranger slid his knife into the belly of the fish and pulled the knife down. The guts spilled out and he quickly removed them with his hand. Shelby watched and then followed, trying not to look disgusted by the task.

    They worked on the handful of fish for half and hour, then the stranger drove a stick through them and set them over the fire to cook. After they threw the scraps in the ocean and cleaned themselves up, the two settled down to wait for the fish to finish cooking.

    Shelby sat quietly but she wanted to ask the boy so many questions. It seemed that he knew that she had questions because he began to talk to her, telling her about himself.

    “I don’t live in the town. I live out here…in the forest. I used to live out here with my dad. He was the second Black Wolf. I guess I should explain the Black Wolf, shouldn’t I?” Shelby nodded her head and the boy continued. “The Black Wolf started with my great grandfather. He saw when Wrath took over the land the town was going to need someone to take care of the corrupt and bad in it so my great grand-father began taking care of any bad the town had. He trained himself with a sword so that he could attack and successfully restrain a felon. He attacked thieves, murders and rapists. Anyone who did wrong were tracked down by my great grand-father and taken care of.

    My great grand-father took the time to train his son, or my grandfather, who became the new Black Wolf and then trained my father, who in turn became the Black Wolf. Now, I am the new Black Wolf, for my father was killed by Wrath and his evil demons.” The boy paused and took a deep breath, obvious to hold back the tears. “I am known as the Black Wolf, but my real name is Coal.” He paused for a moment. “I understand that you don’t wish to speak and that is okay. Bruce shouldn’t have treated you like you were a demon. I knew you meant no harm, which is why I saved you. I hope you don’t mind my company.”

    Shelby smiled, feeling no danger from Coal, and said, “No, I don’t.”

    Coal smiled as Shelby spoke. “Your voice is soft and sweet like honey. I thought I would never be able to hear it.” In the dark, Shelby blushed and hoped that Coal hadn’t seen her. “I have to know…where are you from?”

    Shelby looked at him and shook her head. “I can’t tell you. I have been told to keep my past a secret.”

    Coal nodded his head in understanding. “If you can’t tell me where you’re from, can you tell me where you wish to go?”

    “I need to go…North…” She paused for a moment unsure if she should tell him exactly where, but she decided it was best to leave it at that. “Yes, North.”

    “No town in particular?” Shelby shook her head no and Coal nodded his head. He looked at the fish and pulled a piece of meat off, tasting it. “Fish is done.”

    He handed Shelby a whole fish and she took it thank-fully. She ate it quickly, happy to finally get some food in her stomach. Coal did not eat. Instead he wrapped some of the fish in strips of cloth and stuck them in his own pack. “We’ll need food for tomorrow. This way we don’t have to hunt every night.” Shelby nodded in agreement.

    They both ate little that night even though Shelby was very hungry. She realized that the more they stopped to fish, the more of a chance the townsfolk would reach them so she settled with just enough food to get by. After they finished eating and cleaned up the leftovers so no animals would be attracted, the two settled down.

    “Well, we should get some rest.” Coal said quietly as he settled down on one side of the fire. “We have a new day tomorrow.”

    Shelby pulled her back-pack to her, laid her head on it and closed her eyes. She was extremely tired and her yawn proved it. She heard a noise that she could not explain and opened her eyes to look but she was too tired to keep them open. As she slipped into a dream world of Dragons, she thought she saw the blue eyes of a Wolf.

    Shelby had another dream that night, but this time was different. She stood alone in a black world, darker than any black she had ever seen. For a moment, she stood looking for any sign of anyone, but she could not see nobody, nor could she hear anyone either. Then a red light in the shape of an oval glowed bright, growing in brightness. It blinded her and when Shelby was able to see again, she saw the mirror she had once seen before and Crimson stood there. At first, Crimson only looked at Shelby and then she moved for the mirror and walked through it. Shelby found herself standing in front of Crimson staring into her blood red eyes. She felt strange standing in front of one so powerful and Shelby could not take her eyes off of the young leader.

    “So we meet again.” Crimson said quietly. Shelby said nothing but only watched in awe of the teenager. “I know you are traveling with another boy. I see him in your thoughts and dreams. Who is he?”

    “He said his name is Coal but others know him as The Black Wolf.”

    “The Black Wolf! With you!?” Crimson said angrily. “You must leave him. He is untrustworthy and could lead you wrong.”

    Shelby stared at her blankly and then grew angry. “How do you know that!? Have you ever met him?”

    “No, I haven’t but…”

    “Then how can you judge him?!” Shelby cut in, stepping closer to Crimson. “He told me about himself and he only wishes to help others, just like your tribe. He doesn’t like Wrath because Wrath killed his father. He’s on the same side as you! Why can’t you trust him?”

    “He has been known to steal from others and keep it for himself. Not to mention word will spread fast about the murder of Bruce.” Crimson replied firmly.

    “He didn’t murder him! I saw the fire burn the barn! He was saving me! It was an accident! Why can’t you see that!?”

    “Why can’t you see that he has a bad reputation?! He is bad and I will not let him into my tribe!?”

    “He doesn’t have to come into your tribe. He can just protect me until I reach it, then I’m sure he will return to protect the town of Myus…can’t I just ask for him to help me get to the Dragon Tribe?” Tears were filling Shelby’s eyes at the fear of being alone in this world she knew nothing of.

    Crimson looked to her with hard, angry eyes and she seemed she wasn’t going to give in, but then she lowered her head and sighed. “Okay…He can go with you but he must leave before he ever reaches the tribe. Understand?”

    Shelby smiled, somewhat relived, and nodded her head. “Yes. I understand.”

    “Now, the sun will rise soon and you two will be on your way. You are free to talk with him as much as you please but do not tell him why you are here and where you came from. You have done well with that so far. You may also tell him your name for no one knows of you, though you may be wanted. Be smart and watch your tongue. I will see you soon. Good luck.” With those last words, Crimson vanished and again Shelby was alone in the darkness.

    “Hey…wake up.”

    A voice entered Shelby’s head pulling her slowly out of her sleep.

    “Come on…we have to go…”

    Shelby opened her eyes to see Coal standing above her, smiling. “Mornin’ sleepy head.”

    “Mornin’.” Shelby said with a yawn. She smiled as Coal held out his hand to help her up and she took it. Coal pulled her up and picked up her pack, handing it to her. Gratefully, Shelby took it and slung it on her back. Coal had already saddled both of the horses so Shelby climbed onto hers and sat waiting for Coal, who was putting out the smoldering embers of the fire.

    When he finished he looked to her and said, “Alrighty, let’s go. We have to get ahead of the town. I’m sure by now they have figured things out and are tracking us.” He climbed up on his horse and they quickly trotted off.

    Shelby hadn’t ridden horses much even though she loved them, but what little bit she did know helped her out a lot. She could tell Coal was more experienced but she didn’t let that intimidate her. Feeling quite proud of herself, Shelby rode with ease and Coal would compliment on her riding occasionally or show her another way of riding. Either way, Shelby felt she was doing well for one who hadn’t ridden before.

    “You told me you wanted to head north.” Coal said, striking up a conversation. “How far north?”

    Shelby sat quietly for a moment, then said, “I need to get to the Dragon Tribe. Will you take me?”

    “The Dragon Tribe? Hm…” He paused, hesitantly and Shelby was afraid he would say no but he replied, “Well, if it’s the Dragon Tribe you wish to go to…then I’ll take you.” Coal smiled kindly but hesitation and fear were in his eyes and Shelby could see it.

    “You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. I just hoped you could give me protection.”

    “Well, instead of me protecting you…why don’t I teach you how to fight? I saw you had a sword and shield. I can teach you how to use them.”

    “Really? You would? That’d be great. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to learn how to use it.”

    “It’s not really that hard. It just takes a lot of practice. When we stop to camp, I’ll start training you. I think you’ll learn fast.”

    “What makes you say that?”

    “Well, I can tell you aren’t experienced with horses and look at you. You’re riding that one very well, just by watching me. You learn mainly by sight. If you see someone do it, you can copy. Though you did need a little help with the fish.” Coal finished with a laugh and Shelby laughed as well.

    “Yeah, but I learned, didn’t I?”

    “Yeah. You did.”

    They sat quietly for a moment and then Shelby said, “What’s your horses’ name?”

    “Hades. Named for the fire in her heart and eyes. She’s a tough one and very well disciplined. Hades is my best friend and will do anything to protect me.”

    “Wow. I hope me and my horse can get that close.”

    Coal chuckled. “That’s gonna take a few years to accomplish. I raised her from a foal, so she’s like my baby sister.” They rode on for a ways, then Coal asked, “What are you gonna name your horse?”

    “Hm…I hadn’t thought of that.” Shelby sat quietly for a minute, thinking of the horses’ personality. “Well, he is fast and he listens to my commands well.”

    “He’s also playful.” Shelby looked to Coal oddly. “I saw him playing with Hades last night. He’s like a colt in a stallion’s body.”

    “And I thought I was getting an older more experienced horse.” Shelby said disappointed.

    “Well, he’s not stupid or inexperienced. For a horse, he’s pretty smart. He knew that Bruce was getting one of his tantrums and wanted to get away. Trust me, he’s not stupid. You’ll get a lot of use from that horse.”

    Shelby scanned through names in her head and one stuck out from all the rest. “Lightning. He’s quick as a lightning bolt. Lightning fits him, I think.”

    Coal smiled. “Lightning it is. Lightning and Hades…a deadly combination.” He said with a laugh.

    Shelby smiled and then realized Coal didn’t even know her name. “I haven’t told you my name.”

    Coal looked to her with a half smile and shrugged his shoulders. “Well, no but I didn’t want to pressure you to give it up.”

    “That’s okay. You told me yours so I think I can trust you with mine. My name is Shelby.”

    Coal nodded his head in greeting. “Nice to finally meet you, Shelby.” He said grinning.

    Shelby laughed. “Nice to meet you, again, Coal.” Their laughter died down as they trotted onward and then they were silent. Shelby took this time to notice their surroundings. They were still wedged between the ocean and the forest but they were riding on a small strip of grasslands that the horses continually wanted to stop and graze on, but they rode on. After a while, Shelby asked, “Where are we going next?”

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    Chapter 5: A New Friend CONT

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    Chapter 5: A NEW FRIEND
    Part 2

    Coal looked to her as if he had been broken out of his concentration, then he replied, “Oh, Tarma will be our next stop. If we keep following Blood Bay, and we ride continuously, we’ll get there in about two days. Three tops.” Then, Coal began to talk out loud but to himself. “Let’s see, yesterday we traveled at least ten leagues before we stopped for camp. So we traveled 10 leagues in about 5 hours which means two leagues per hour. And we still have about 30 leagues to go, so that’s 15 leagues per day. And if we travel all day today we should have only 15 more leagues to go tomorrow. Yeah, that’s about right. So two days.”

    Shelby stared at him blankly. “Do you often talk to yourself, like that?”

    “Sometimes, why?”

    “No reason, it’s just that it can get a little annoying.”

    “Oh, sorry. I think out loud when ever I’m figuring numbers.”

    Shelby nodded her head in understanding. “I do that sometimes too.” She paused and then asked, “What are we going to do in Tarma?”

    “Get supplies for the desert and look for any sign of being wanted.”

    “Desert? We have to go through a desert?” Shelby asked her eyes wide.

    “Yeah, the Ivory Desert. It’s the largest desert in Narisuta. Didn’t you know that?”

    “No. I’m not…” Shelby stopped herself short before she went any further. She had come very close to saying ‘No. I’m not from here’ but she quickly caught herself. “I’ve never been this far north.”

    “Oh, you must not get out much. Most people know of the Ivory Desert no matter where they come from.”

    After a while of trotting, they kicked their horses to a fast gallop. They didn’t talk much after that except for a few questions and answers about the land but that was it. They rode hard, following the edge of Blood Bay, which Shelby found out was named for the tint of the sea, red. Shelby also found out the forest beside them was known as Thunder Forest for its huge trees, which if felled would create a sound like thunder. Off and on they would snack on the fish Coal had caught the night before, and though it wasn’t filling, it did crave some of the hunger.

    They rode until an hour before dark and finally slowed the tired horses to a stop. They had made their desired destination of ten leagues. Coal told Shelby they had stopped at a point in the bay. The water had carved out a sharp inward point and was perfect for catching fish. Shelby noticed the forest began to thin out and turn North-Eastward. The small strip of grassland they had been following began to stretch out for leagues. This was a perfect place to camp.

    While Coal built a fire, Shelby un-tacked the horses, allowing them to graze freely. When the fire was built Coal pulled out his sword and walked to Shelby, who stood looking out across the land in awe.

    “Wanna help catch some fresh food? We’re all out of the other.” Coal asked Shelby, holding his sword in hand.

    “Sure.” Shelby pulled out her sword for the first time since she had been here.

    “Wow. That’s a beautiful sword. Whoever crafted that one was very talented. To be honest, I’m a little jealous.” He grinned at her like a child and nudged her with his elbow. “Come on. Let’s get fishing.”

    Shelby was surprised to find fishing with a sword very difficult. Even though she stood absolutely still as Coal had instructed and the fish would get very close, she could not be quick enough to stab one. Shelby kept falling into the water and scaring all the fish away. Coal laughed at every attempt Shelby made and failed.

    “I give up!” Shelby yelled as she fell into the water again. She sat in the chest deep water, glaring down at it with hate.

    Coal sighed and walked over to her. “Here, let me help you.” He put his arms around her and helped her to her feet. “Let’s try again. Just one more time and try to have patience.”

    Shelby sighed and nodded her head in agreement. “Okay, but just one more time.”

    Coal smiled and said, “Just once.” He took Shelby’s arm from behind and lifted it an angel above the water, ready to strike. “Here, hold your arm like this so you’re always ready to kill. Spread your legs wider so you are evenly balanced in the sand. And you need to relax. You’re too tense.” Shelby followed his instructions and then he said, “Now, wait. They will come to you.”

    They stood there, Coal standing right behind Shelby, waiting for a fish. Shelby’s eyes searched the water for any movement. A flick of silver flashed before her eyes but it quickly disappeared. She waited. Another flick of silver, slower than the first time. She waited. The fish slowly approached as if he was curious. Shelby’s eyes stayed on him as he moved ever closer to them. Almost there…She lunged! The sword slid through the water with ease and she felt it hit the bottom. Blood filled the water and she felt her sword vibrating. Carefully, she lifted up the sword out of the water and held her prize. A large silver fish on the blade of her sword, flicking and twisting to get off. Shelby smiled with pride as she looked to her catch.

    “Alright! You caught one! And a big one at that.” Coal complimented with a laugh.

    Shelby beamed with pride and carried the fish to the shore, placing him by the fire, then she rushed back to the water to help Coal catch some more.

    The two fished until dark and came back to the camp with enough fish to last them the rest of the day tomorrow. They ate well that night and after they had threw the scraps in the ocean, Coal picked up his sword and faced Shelby.

    “Ready to practice?”

    Shelby stood up smiling, pulled on her shield and drew her sword. “You bet.” She held her shield on her left arm and her sword in the right.

    Coal took a deep breath and stepped toward Shelby. “If I take a step to you, you should take one step back.” Shelby stepped back, holding the sword up right. “You have good posture. Excellent.” He took a step to the left. “When I step left, you step right.” Shelby stepped to the right. “Very good.”

    They practiced these movements again and again, until Shelby got them down well enough to fight. Coal smiled and nodded his head in approval.

    “You’re doing very well. You’ll have this down pat in no time.” Coal stepped closer and Shelby backed away. “Now let’s practice some fighting moves.” He took the sword and slowly swung it towards Shelby’s stomach at the left. “Block it by pulling your left arm back, putting the shield between you and the blade.” Quickly, Shelby pulled the shield back as Coal had said and he lightly hit the shield. “Very good. Next, the person might swing around and try and slam you on the other side.” He slowly twirled around and aimed to hit Shelby’s right side. “Take your sword and block the attack.” Shelby slowly threw the blade of her sword against the blade of Coal’s sword, blocking the attack. Nodding his head, Coal said, “Nice work. Now, what if someone tried to hit you in the head?” Coal raised his sword up for Shelby and she automatically threw her shield up in front of her to block the attack. “Excellent! Now, let’s just go over those three attacks again until you get used to blocking.”

    The two went over the defensive attacks for over an hour. As they practiced, Coal got faster with the attacks and Shelby got quicker with her blocks. Coal would switch up the attacks to confuse Shelby and she fell a few times to prevent herself from being hurt. By the time they finished, they were both panting for breath and dripping with sweat.

    “I think that’s enough for one day. We’ll go over them again tomorrow and I’ll teach you some offensive moves.” With a nod of her head, Shelby sheathed her sword and set down her shield. The two settled down for the night.

    Coal leaned against his horses’ saddle and chewed on a piece of grass, while pulling his cape over his body to keep the wind off of him. Shelby leaned on one elbow, looking into the flickering fire. The horses soft brays and whinnies and the crickets summer songs were soothing to the ear as they sat quietly.

    Shelby sighed and rolled over on her back, looking up at the stars that filled the sky. Her entire body ached from the practice she had, but her shoulder hurt the worse. She checked her shoulder and realized the scar was still there. Sighing, she lie back down and looked up to the sky. A shooting star flew across the sky and disappeared into the dark blue background. She smiled as she thought of a wish. I can’t wish to see my family again. My past is my past and I don’t need to bring it up. She lay quietly thinking. I wish to see a Dragon. A live Dragon.

    “They’re beautiful, aren’t they?”

    Shelby looked over to Coal who was looking up at the stars. “Yes, they are.” They stared at the stars for a long while, then Shelby hesitantly asked, “Coal…have you ever…seen a…a Dragon?”

    Coal looked over to Shelby with an unreadable expression on his face. He stared at her for a moment and then looked to the sky again. “Yes, I have.”

    “What was the Dragon like?”

    He sat quietly pondering and then said, “Dangerous. Deadly. Terrifying.” He paused. “Need I say more?”

    Shelby stared at him and then sighed. “No.” Quietly, she rolled over on her side, her back facing the fire, and closed her eyes to sleep.

    Coal looked to her as she turned her back to him. A cold breeze blew threw their camp and he pulled his cape tighter to him. He looked to Shelby and saw she had no coat or blanket and he looked down to his cape. Taking it gently in his hands, he stood up and walked over to her, placing the cape softly over her. As Coal walked back to his place, Shelby opened her eyes and glanced back at him then looked at the cape. With a soft sigh, she closed her eyes and slept.[u]


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