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    Possible Mythical Creature Pack

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    Possible Mythical Creature Pack

    Post by Dino on March 27th 2009, 16:54

    In the future we could have mythical creature pack....

    Maybe some possible animals:

    Unicorn: Mountain/Forest

    Dragon: All biomes-different dragon for each biome e.g Frost Dragon: Tundra

    Chimera: Alpine

    Hydrus: Wetland

    Six Legged Salamander: Desert

    Bigfoot: Temperate Forest

    Yeti: Tundra

    Sea Serpent: Coastal (MM needed)

    Mongolian Death Worm: Desert

    Possible Buildings/Objects:

    Dark Castle Gazibo
    Dwarf Dragon Cave
    A resturant shaped as a cave
    Bathrooms decorated with pictures of mythical creatures

    Can anyone think of any other things/animals which could be in this?

    P.S I can't make any packs and I don't know how, but I will be very grateful if someone could
    look out 21

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    Re: Possible Mythical Creature Pack

    Post by look out 21 on March 29th 2009, 17:15

    Nice ideas! I wish I can make at least 1 working animal!
    Zoo Fanatic
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    Re: Possible Mythical Creature Pack

    Post by Zoo Fanatic on July 9th 2009, 04:49

    you could always chec out z studio and there mythological pack

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    Re: Possible Mythical Creature Pack

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