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    Crocodilian Pack 2


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    Crocodilian Pack 2

    Post by sesrocker on April 24th 2009, 18:48

    This Crocodilian Pack 2 was made by Uchiha Akai (Zooasaurus) on Zoo Tycoon Volcano. (We have Uchiha Akai's permission to post this download here)


    Games Required:
    ZT2 MM

    Freshwater Crocodile
    Cuban Crocodile
    Siamese Crocodile
    Dwarf Crocodile
    False Gharial
    White Mangrove
    Mugger Crocodile
    Saltwater Crocodile

    -added Mugger and Saltie gender size difference
    -updates for Mugger and Saltie
    -Nile Crocodile size fix
    -place in your main ZT2 folder
    -All crocodilians in this pack, including the reskinned ones, have at least one varient!
    -Delete the Saltie update hack if you have it, as it is contained in this pack
    -Add a "Z-" infront of the name,(it'll look like Z-Crocodilian Pack 2)to make the Saltie and Nile croc fix work

    Here's an added hack to make the Saltie aquatic. It's compatible with the pack.

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