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    Bipedal Apes Pack


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    Bipedal Apes Pack

    Post by sesrocker on April 25th 2009, 23:07

    The Bipedal Apes Pack was made by dannybob


    Games Required:
    ZT2 ES & AA

    Contents of Pack:
    Florida Skunk Ape


    Quoted by dannybob:
    They are all staff, but do not do staff things apart from opening gates and sittingon benches. If you want to put them in an exibit don't put a gate so they can't escape. Just because they are staff doesn't mean they are boring. I like to create large forests and let them roam wild and then hunt them down.

    They have animal lang files and all have footprint paths each.

    Their is one and only one problem. Whenever you select the ape after placing it the info panel will refer to the last thing you selected. But don't worry it doesn't affect anything, since you don't really need it anyway. You can still move it ect.

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