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    African Agama Lizard (Agama agama)


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    African Agama Lizard (Agama agama) Empty African Agama Lizard (Agama agama)

    Post by sesrocker on April 26th 2009, 23:24

    African Agama Lizard (Agama agama) 44028900_7a4a4f26bc

    Scientific Name: Agama agama
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Sauropsida
    Order: Squamata
    Suborder: Iguania
    Family: Agamidae
    Subfamily: Agaminae
    Genus: Agama

    It is usually found in most of sub-saharan Africa.

    Physical Characteristics
    Because of it's brightly colored head, it is commonly referred to as the Red-headed, Common, or Rainbow agama.

    in the breeding season the males develop their most dramatic markings, the head and neck and also tail turning bright orange, and the body dark blue. Outside of the breeding season, the male is a plain brown. The females and juveniles are always more cryptically marked.

    Their diet consists of insects.

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