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    American Mink (Neovison vison)


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    American Mink (Neovison vison)

    Post by sesrocker on April 27th 2009, 19:43

    Scientific Name: Neovison vison
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Mustelidae
    Genus: Neovison

    Physical Characteristics
    Their long slim body is covered in glossy, thick dark brown fur with a white patch under the chin. They have short legs with partially webbed feet, which make them excellent swimmers.

    They can be found in wooded areas and fields near streams and lakes. Some American Mink have established themselves in the wild in Newfoundland, Europe and South America due to escapes or intentional release by animal rights activists from fur farms. In parts of Europe, tens of thousand were intentionally introduced by the Soviet Union over a period of several decades, to provide a new game animal for trappers, with disastrous population declines of the European Mink as result.

    Like their cousins, the otters, mink are very playful.


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    Re: American Mink (Neovison vison)

    Post by sasquatch254 on May 25th 2009, 18:06

    Looks like a fuzzy otter[quote] AC/DC rules

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