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    My Poems...


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    My Poems...

    Post by sesrocker on May 3rd 2009, 13:43

    Here are some random poems I wrote for my English class. I got an A+ on them, even though they stink ha ha ha. If I make your eyes bleed, blame it on my teacher, ok? Razz

    My Room

    Textbooks on the floor
    Thrown everywhere from a lifetime of struggle
    The covers dusty from time
    The spines barely bent

    My guitar sitting alone in the dark, damp corner
    The strings worn down by daily practices
    So many songs learned, so many forgotten
    My guitar

    Oh the CD's, the dreaded CD's
    Why do you have to take up so much space in my room?
    Your sheer size makes me want to throw a fit
    Why, oh why dear old CD's?

    Ginger sitting on top of my bed
    You lazy, fat, spoiled brat
    Your meows for me in the early morning echo through my head for hours on end
    Ginger, you spoiled brat

    I wrote that in 5 minutes ha ha ha, hope you like it, i'll post hte other ones soon Wink Razz
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    Re: My Poems...

    Post by OasisGirl on May 4th 2009, 14:39

    Cool so far, cant wait to see/hear the other ones.

    (why dont you try making them into a song? Razz )

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