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    Post by Josspot on May 10th 2009, 05:12

    What you will need:

    50g of suger
    50g of mag
    250g of s.r.flour
    150ml of milk
    1 egg
    Choc chips

    1.Sives the flour
    2.Add mag and suger and rub in
    3. Break egg with milk and add that Not all of it
    4.Add choc chips and mix till drough like
    5. Roll with roll pin until 1 to 2 cm thick
    6. Cut and put onto Baking tray
    7.Cook at 220c for 15 mins
    8. Take out for oven leave for 2 min to coll

    I only know this from food tech in school

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    Re: Scones

    Post by sesrocker on May 10th 2009, 12:12

    Sounds Good! Razz I've never had scones before.

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