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    Animal Variants



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    Animal Variants

    Post by cheetahlover96 on June 21st 2009, 15:40

    [/b]HEY Everyone! im gonna put all the animal variants that i know if u know anymore please post!

    Bengal Tiger: White
    Jaguar: Different and darker spots
    Saber-Toothed Cat: Black or White
    African Wild Dog: Brown & black, different black white and brown
    Cheetah: King Cheetah
    Beluga: Grey
    Spanish Lynx: Many Spots, other
    Manatee?: Darker
    Moose: Brown (Male Only)
    Narwhal: Two Horns (ive only heard never seen)
    Green Sea Turtle: Many
    Walrus: Brownish
    Zebra: Many

    Those are all the ones i know

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    Re: Animal Variants

    Post by sesrocker on June 21st 2009, 16:36

    Thank you for posting this cheetahlover96. Razz

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    Re: Animal Variants

    Post by DTF95 on June 21st 2009, 18:13

    There is a lot of other variants from ES (Which included some from ZT2).

    American Bison- one(?)*none
    Snow Leopard-1(?)*none
    Bengal Tiger-1(?)*this is other than white Bengal tiger variant*ES one will not work with MM
    Common Zebra-2(different stripe patterns)*none
    African Elephant-1(?)*none
    Asian Elephant-1(?)*none
    Spanish Lynx-2(?)*none
    Musk Ox-1(?)*none
    Scemitar Horned Oryx-1(?)*none
    Black Rhinoceros-1(?)*none
    Javan Rhinoceros-1(?)*none
    African Wild Dog-2(?)*none

    I don't know about any from AA,MM, and EA. That is a complete list though.


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    Re: Animal Variants

    Post by ashl on October 19th 2009, 08:35

    Those are cool sounding. Smile

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    Re: Animal Variants

    Post by naknakman on November 9th 2009, 18:19

    There is also a darker variant of the utahraptor from Extinct Animals, too!!!
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    Re: Animal Variants

    Post by draco on January 13th 2010, 21:40

    the velociraptor in extinct has a darker skined varient (the feathers stay the same just the skin around the face and arms and stuff changes) Razz

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    Re: Animal Variants

    Post by manbeast on January 14th 2010, 20:11

    I think the nile crocodile has a darker green varient but that might just not be true.

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    Re: Animal Variants

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