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    Meerkat adoption zoo

    People Who Just Plain Rule!
    People Who Just Plain Rule!

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    Meerkat adoption zoo Empty Meerkat adoption zoo

    Post by jblover on August 23rd 2010, 20:41

    Helo this is a meerkat adoption center that has 3 territories and 2 roving groups of males
    1st gp:Whiskers :description:A big Family Who Already have a dominant pair Flower From the whiskers and Bad boy Zaphod from the commandoes.

    2nd gp:Commandoes:description: A very tough family who already have a dominant pair Cazana from the whsikers and Ringo from the gattaca.



    Backround story:

    Pregnant or pregnancies:


    i will post the other gp and the roving male ps later but it is getting to long already!Smile

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