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    Download Help for ZT2 Downloads


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    People Who Just Plain Rule!

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    Download Help for ZT2 Downloads

    Post by rebel_the_proud on January 18th 2009, 23:42

    So, on this site, I'm not quite ready to get downloads, and that's okay with me, I can wait. Smile But I was wondering, before I ever do get to downloading, if someone could help me understand something...

    Ok, on other sites I've downloaded from I have noticed 2 things for ZT2 downloads: the dll file and the z2f file. I use WinZip to extract the files and as long as I get a download with just those two files (dll & z2f) I can get it to work on the game. But there are some files that I download that show the name of the file ending with .z2f but there are a bunch of folders and stuff in it. I can't find any dll file or a single file in the folders labled z2f and when I extract the file, only the folders come out. Does anyone understand what I am talking about and can it be fixed?

    Please and thank you!


    Re: Download Help for ZT2 Downloads

    Post by Guest on January 19th 2009, 05:07

    I only install the z2f files.

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