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    A Dog's Life

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    A Dog's Life

    Post by caninesrock on July 27th 2010, 20:36

    1. Prologue( Narrated by Main Character)
    Here I am in the pound waiting to tell you my story. It ends here on the table where I am wiating for them to poison me with their horrible shot of death.But, I suppose you would like to know where it began.So, I will tell you now.It begins on a lonely
    street on a pitch black night in the middle of the city, where a runaway female labrador retriever and a stray male grayhound are waiting for thier last pup to be born.With one more push and yelping and squirming, I was ready to start the story of my life.

    So,what do you guys think so far?
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    Re: A Dog's Life

    Post by Kike on March 13th 2011, 09:20

    Sounds good id like to know whats happens to him

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